For Friends

19 Dec

Law School finals are over. Phew. The tiredness still lingers and the caffeine addiction persists even though I am officially free of the need to study for the next year. So gripping my almond milk cappuccino I want to share a story about my friends.

Finally back at my home church in Dallas this weekend, the minister preaching was one who had been there for a long time. This just happened to be his last sermon at my church. He was recapping everything he had learned in his time on staff, before he moved on to the next place God had called him to go. To be honest, I was very distracted throughout the entire sermon. But as always I took notes, and as I look through my notes this morning I am realizing the importance of the message, and the applicability it has on my life currently.

His message was about walking with confidence to where God has called you, knowing that everything you learned in the past has equipped you for this very move, for this very moment.

Before I left Oxford last week my law school friends threw a little going away party for me.

All friendships come and go in seasons, and these friendships with my law school friends are very dear to me. This semester was challenging for all of my friends, each for different reasons. It was empowering for me to watch them go through their individual struggles with determination and hard work. They each finished strong and yet, when it was all over, they wanted to celebrate me. I felt unworthy, I felt very loved. And thinking back on it, my minister nailed exactly what I believe to be true in his final thoughts this weekend.

Something my friends in law school have taught me is that relationships require work. I knew this before law school but whats more is that law school requires lots of work, so friendships on top of that are not always easy to maintain, they require choosing to spend what little energy you have left at the end of the day and to invest it in others. They require showing up, checking in, caring for and knowing the intimate details about each others lives, the struggles and joys, even when the struggles of your own life feel overwhelming. It takes effort and work, selfless work-- any relationship. But its not the work required that makes the impact. What stuck with me is that at the end of the day, after my friends had given every ounce of effort and energy into finishing the semester strong, they still had the desire to show up to celebrate my move, to encourage me, to love me well and to send me off with joy.

Oxford, Mississipi has taught me a lot in the past six years, and this is not farewell for good, I will be back to finish school.  It is a gift to look back and realize all the things I have learned and how the Lord taught me those things through community, so that I would be equipped for the very task set before me.

How has God used the community in your life to shape you for the task at hand? How has he used the experiences and big moments to prepare you for what he has in store for your life?

I love reflecting on things like this, because when the storm comes and the hard times roll in, it makes it easier to remember—I am here for a purpose and He has EQUIPPED me for the task at hand. I am so confident of this statement and I want you to be too. 

December 19th, 2018 Update:

Days until I move: 41

Fundraising Completed: 44%


(Fundraising efforts go directly to my travel expenses and living expenses while I travel to and live in Uganda for a year, I will be doing legal work for a non-profit organization, focusing on Child Advocacy and Violent Crimes against Women and Children in Uganda)

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