Blueberry Cobbler

29 Sep

A few weeks ago I went blueberry picking. A dear friend of mine suggested it as a fun thing to do, she said it was peaceful. It just so happens that a law school friend of mine has a grandmother with a blueberry farm so I called her grandmother up and two days later I went. 

For a few hours in the cool of morning I hid among the blueberry trees picking anything I found that was ripe. It was quiet and good and it gave a lot of time for thinking. I was struck by the way the ripe berries just fall into your hands with the lightest pick while the unripe cling tight to the branch—“not yet” they protest. That’s how I see us. When we are ripe and full, God lets us easily fall off the branch, the slightest pick and we are ready, we are equipt. But sometimes the world pulls at us and we aren’t ripe yet. Sometimes we get yanked off the vine and thrown into a situation and we don’t feel prepared. For these times we desperately need God’s strength.

 I think we all want more time on the branch, sometimes we are given more time and sometimes we aren’t. Sometimes we are scared to get off the branch, we crave comfort and sameness and safety and so we stay put… but a blueberry that is ripe and never gets picked eventually goes bad, turns mushy and falls to the ground. All that time spent getting perfectly ripe was for nothing. I hope I am not wasting my time staying on the branch too long. I hope you aren’t either. 

After visiting the blueberry farm I made a Blueberry Cobbler with the fresh picked berries and it was good.

A few weeks after the last bite of blueberry cobbler was long gone, life got a little crumbly. I realized I was a blueberry on a branch staying put and clinging to the safety of the branch even though I was ripe and equipt for what God had for me. I made some really hard decisions and life lost its sweetness for a bit. 

After a few weeks of sadness I got my mushy self off the floor and made another Blueberry Cobbler for some sweet friends using the same delicious blueberries (fresh from the freezer). And it was even better the second time.

Even when life crumbles I am reminded of God’s consistency. When everything falls, He holds us firm, he never waivers or changes. I am thankful that He is constant, I am thankful he gives us good friends who suggest berry picking and I am thankful for delicious Blueberry Cobbler to share with a houseful of sweet community. What is God equipping you for on your branch? Is it time for you to get off and go live what he has prepared you for? I hope you do.

September 1st, 2018 Update:

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