Bite the Bullet, Pay the Fee

18 Nov

This was a big week. The moving process began. The apparently 80-day-long moving process began, with one big blue duffel and a steep checked bag fee. 

I live in Mississippi, my parents live in Dallas, I am moving to Africa. I am moving to Africa. Complexities should have been obvious, they should have been a given. I expected them, just not the reality of them. While most of my possessions are staying in Mississippi, some things have to be brought home. I have a very tiny car; this past weekend I flew home for a quick visit and the $30 fee was a choice I didn’t have the option of making. The complexity of this move is settling in and hitting me with waves of stress, one high tide at a time. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet, pay the fee.

I am thankful that life’s complexities make me more grateful for the simple things. I could have multiple flow charts written out for all the plans I have in my head of how I am going to move my life to Africa. A simple word of encouragement, a simple hug, a simple stunning sunset, reminds me that the complexities cannot distract us from what is really going on. The complexities of life are like blinders on the horses eyes of humanity. It’s a lifestyle; some thrive in the intricate and complicated daily tasks of life. Some are shut down by the exhaustion of dealing with it (or the exhaustion of thinking about dealing with it).

I am thriving in the complex situation of my current predicament because it has made me grateful for the simplicity of the present moment. The simplicity of a friend and a glass of wine, or a cappuccino with almond milk and clear blue skies. The simplicity of the gospel and God’s will for our lives.

And here we are thriving or being swallowed by the complexities of life when aren’t we really just chasing after the simple. And don’t all of these complexities lead us to the same conclusion, that this life is short and the sun rises and sets each day just the same. We are given a new 24 hours every day and how we respond to that is as simple as choosing to put one foot in front of the other, making one simple choice after the next. Sometimes that means choosing to bite the bullet and pay the fee, even when we don’t want to. Making one decision at a time, that is simple, and sure they all might add up to something complex but there is beauty to be found in all of it. In the complex and in the simple, that’s where life is found if we choose to see it.

This week will be full of studying for me. So I am rejoicing even more in the small simple things that give so much life. If we focus all our attention on the complex and overwhelming, we will miss the sweet and simple. I hope you find some simple joys this week, because I promise you they are sprinkled throughout your day if you just open your eyes to notice them. It’s going to be a long complicated week, will you keep an extra attentive eye out with me? And remind those around you, heck, maybe even be the simple joy for someone this week. Bite the bullet, pay the fee (or just for a cup of coffee) for someone you love, it maybe the most simple thing you do all week, but I bet it will bring a lot of joy. 

It all can seem very complex, but it doesn’t always have to be because in the simple we find fullness of joy.

“You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” Psalm 16:11

November 18th, 2018 Update:

Days until I move: 72

Fundraising Completed: 41%

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