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See Uganda with me as I live, travel and seek justice.

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Welcome friend! I'm Ali and I am a law student from Dallas, Texas. After my first year of law school I accepted a year long legal internship with International Justice Mission on the other side of the world. So, I packed up this January and moved to Africa-- and I want you to join the journey with me!

On this website I post weekly stories about life in Uganda. I love sharing short stories, good recipes and simple joys. Life is better when we place intention in every step and search for the extraordinary in the mundane. I am not always good at this, but I am trying and I want to encourage you to try as well. I hope my stories inspire you to celebrate the extraordinary within your own life. So pour a hot cup of coffee and pull up a chair, I can't wait for you to join me.

Lastly, as you follow along, I hope you consider supporting me. Support through prayers, support through shares and support through donations, the smallest things make the biggest differences.




A story about an inspiring friend of mine.

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Uganda has lots of them.

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Pleading for the Guilty

This past week in Uganda my job did a quick 180 degree shift.

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Searching for Comfort

This comfort seeker needed a wake up call. Do you?

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The road from victim to survivor is bumpy.

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Small Bananas and Big Avocados

Cultural norms dictate more than just fruit size.

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All Marches for Life Look Different

Not all March for Lives look the same, but they all matter.

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Broken Resolutions

I already broke my New Years Resolution.

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For Friends

Relationships require work, even when you're out of energy.

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A Big Fluffy Prayer Answered

Feeling peace in big prayer requests.

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I believed we are called to more.

Where do you feel called to more?

Get Involved and follow along my journey to more... to the adventure God paved for me.


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